NOTE:  The final day of our Flying Season (before Summer hiatus) will be on May 5th.  After that date, we will not resume flights again until October/November.  If you are looking for a flight now, please book prior to 5/5/18.  Thank you!

Welcome to Wanderlust Balloons!  We know that a hot air balloon ride is something that many of you have looked forward to for a long time.  With that in mind, we want to make it the experience you always imagined it would be (and more).

Imagine rising slowly toward the sky as the ground falls away beneath you.  Gently you glide above the countryside, discovering the world from a totally new perspective -- a 'bird's eye' view.

Gary and Diana Moore have over 26 years of experience in commercial hot air balloon rides and operations.  Flying passengers since 1996, Wanderlust Balloons is the longest operating balloon ride business in the Lake Havasu City / Parker, Arizona area.

If you are looking for that one-of-a-kind adventure (with a ‘personal’ touch'), for yourself or for someone special, come fly with us!  Let us share with you the 'Unforgettable Experience' of a hot air balloon flight!

   Featured Merchandise:

Adult - $25.00

Adult - $20.00

Children's - $20.00

Baby Doll - Small - $35.00